Restore a backup

Stop the services. The last one of course only if installed.

[email protected]:~# systemctl stop seahub
[email protected]:~# systemctl stop seafile
[email protected]:~# systemctl stop mysql
[email protected]:~# systemctl stop nginx

Remove the current stuff you want to get rid of. Be sure to save anything you want to keep from the current installation like letsencrypt logfiles a.s.o.

[email protected]:~# rm -rf /etc/systemd/system/{seafile,seahub}.service /etc/nginx /etc/letsencrypt /opt/Seafile/Server /var/lib/mysql /var/log/letsencrypt /var/log/nginx

Restore a backup:

[email protected]:~# tar -C / -xzf /srv/Backup/SeafileInstall/SeafileInstall201707161242.tgz

Reboot the server.