Seafile Community Manual


Why another Seafile manual?

The idea if this community driven manual is to make it possible for new and existing Seafile users to get an easy start and be able to mantain their Seafile server. Another goal is to provide somewhat of a structure on each step required to reach a certain goal rather than a collection of information spread over a confusing and hard to read server manual.

What is this manual for?

We write this step-by-step guide to enable all users to setup Seafile on their own but without the struggle of having to read the more complex and sometimes confusing original manual.

It is not our intension to replace the original manual !

How does it work?

Don't expect this manual to provide you with easy copy & paste commands/config only. This manual will guide you through each step of the setup. If you are new to Seafile we encourage you to do the recommend checks whereever we suggest them. This helps to pinpoint possible errors before you even have to search for them.

This manual will show how to setup a Seafile Server using MariaDB as the database server, Memcached to speed up the webinterface response and Nginx as local reverse proxy.

All operations will be peformed as root unless otherwise specified. So login as root or 'su' to root, if logged in as ordinary user:

# or
su root
# or - if 'sudo' is installed
sudo -i

CE vs PRO Edition

Seafile Server Community Edition

This guide is mantained from community members only. Therefor this manual only covers Seafile Server CE. If you want to deploy Seafile Server CE you are welcome to use our guide.

Seafile Server Professional Edition

If you want to deploy Seafile PRO, you are welcome to use our guide. Be aware that this guide does only cover the setup for Seafile Server CE. For support and official documentation please consult the original manual.


You are welcome to contribute to this manual. Please submit your code on Github.
If you found an issue please report it on Github GitHub issues.

You can contact us via the forum, but it takes usually longer to get the changes into the manual this way. It is faster if you submit the suggested changes via Github.

Languages / Translation

At a later point we might provide this manual in other languages if we find at least two persons to maintain each language. Currently this is not the case. The English version has priority as the focus is to have a working manual and not many languages.

Please contact us via Seafile Forum if you would like to contribute.


This guide is "work in progress" and will most propably stay this way. It was released already, as it contains enough information to proceed with the setup of Seafile. You are welcome to contribute to bring it to a complete state some day.